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Islamic and Sharia Law Scholarship – At Imam Malik College


Islamic and Sharia Law Scholarship – At Imam Malik College: The Deanship of Imam Malik College of Sharia announces scholarship opportunity for the academic year (2024/2025) is open to students who wish to continue their studies at the university level in some majors available in the university.

This academic study is usually an open education portal to accept students from around the world irrespective of country or culture. You can also apply if you wish to study at the Imam Malik College of Sharia and Law.

Imam Malik College of Sharia and Law is one of the institutions of higher education and scientific research in the UAE, a lofty scientific and civilized beacon, and a leading center for human development and its active contribution to community service.

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Study Duration

1. The minimum period a student shall spend in college to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Sharia or law is six regular semesters interspersed with summer semesters.

2. The minimum period a student transferred to the college from another university shall spend to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the college is four regular semesters.

3. The maximum period that a student may spend to obtain a bachelor’s degree is fourteen regular semesters.

4. For a student who transferred to the college from another university, the semesters accounted for upon registration are included in the maximum period. 

5. Suspension of registration is not included in this period.

6. For the Bachelor of Sharia and Bachelor of Law programs, each (16) credit hours is one semester, and its average will be calculated. For the Bachelor of Law program with a Sharia minor (in Maliki or Shafee juris prudence), each (17) credit hours is one full semester. 

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Conditions for applying for a scholarship:

1- The student must have passed the testing stage.

2- He must be a citizen or resident of the United Arab Emirates.

3- The application must be submitted after completing the process of registering the required subjects and specializations.

4- 50% of the total amount required for the semester must be paid by the student.

5- Scholarship students must maintain a cumulative GPA of no less than 2.5 per semester.

6- Fill out the application for the grant, attach the required documents, and send them to the relevant department.

The required documents

1- Fill out all the information in the form to request the scholarship

2- A copy of the ID card for the student and all family members.

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3- A copy of the residence permit, which must be valid.

4- A copy of the student’s passport.

5- The guardian’s salary certificate is recent (not more than three months).

6- Bank statement for the last three months

7- Debt certificate from the bank (recent)

8- A copy of the lease contract, if any

9- A copy of the death certificate for the guardian, if any

10- (2) personal photos


To submit your application, you are required to apply through the academy portal with your credentials which must have the following qualities:

  • The files must be of high-quality scanned documents.
  • The file is to be sent in (PDF) format which must contain all the required credentials.

How to Apply for the Imam Malik College Sharia and Law Scholarship 2024

To apply for the King Abdullah University scholarship, the application form is to be processed and submitted through the College Online Application Portal. Do you want to apply? Do you have all the required documents? If yes, is the answer,.

Apply From The Official Website