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Top French Language Proficiency Test for Study

French language tests are also important for immigration and study trips to France and other French-speaking county. These tests have different types, each of which has its own characteristics. In the rest of this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this type of test.

Why Should You Take The French Language Test?

Many people who want to take French language tests for the first time may ask what is the importance of taking these tests. Some people are forced to immigrate to this country to study and others to work in a French-speaking country. One of the conditions for immigrating to these countries is to learn the French language. When you take the exam and get a valid certificate, you can easily immigrate to the country.

French language certificates can be proof

of your qualifications and have a significant impact on your resume. Sometimes these tests may be done to determine the level. To help to learn French better. However, having a valid degree and passing the final French exam is better than not having a degree in learning French.

Introducing French language tests

At whatever level you are, whether at the elementary level or at the professional level, you can pass the French language tests to determine the level of learning this language. While many language tests have international levels; what kind of test it is, it depends on you. Before registering for the French language test, it is better to familiarize yourself with the types of these tests and their features.

1. DELF Test

One of the most well-known French language tests is the DELF test. This test is designed based on the CEFR standard and can be used to level users. The specified levels in this test are A1 to B2 levels. The purpose of this test is to check the level of a person’s ability to establish environmental and business communication and it is designed for adults. The Delphi test is one of those tests designed under the supervision of French education and has two parts, written and listening. These two parts may be in the form of a test or an explanation, and after completing these two parts, you will be given an oral test.

Before you take this test, it is better to be familiar with the different types of French language test centres. This test is usually held at the Tehran French Language Center, the Tehran French School, and the Iranian Language Center, and its cost varies between 70 and 120 euros. The duration of this test can be 1.5 to 3.5 hours based on your level. In order to pass the Delphi French test, your total score must be 50. It is also necessary to get 5 points in each part of the test. Similar to the IELTS test, this test has valid documents that can be suitable for work, immigration and study in France.

The DELF test itself has different types:

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DELF PRIM test for children who are going to study in French schools.

The DELF JUNIOR exam is for teenagers who are going to study in French schools.

DELF SCOLAIRE is a school for teenagers studying in France, which has a lower level than the previous two exams.

DELF PRO is also for people who immigrate to this country to work in French organizations, companies and offices.

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2. DALF Test

The DALF test is another test that is used to determine the level of the French language. This test has a very advanced level that only skilled and professional people can pass it. In general, this test has two levels c1 and c2 and is designed much more specialized than the DELF test. If you are confident in yourself and know that you have mastered the French language, it is better to register for this test after registering for the Delphi French test. The diploma you receive after passing the exam is permanent and valid for life. This test is necessary for people who want to immigrate to France.

At the c1 level, the candidate must demonstrate that he has mastered the French language and can speak it easily. At this stage, the range of French words will be examined. To reach this level, you have to take 4 hours of testing to get 100 points. Your minimum passing score will be 50 out of 100.

At the c2 level, in addition to showing that he has a high command of the French language, the candidate must also be careful to excel in this type of French language test. Usually, this degree is suitable for immigration and participation in universities, etc.

3. TCF Test – General, QUÉBEC test, TCF Canada test, TCF test for specific academic fields

The Test de Connaissance du Français or the TCF test for short is a type of French language test that tests the language knowledge of immigrants to France. This test is usually designed for non-native French people and determines a person’s French language skills. The validity of this test is two years, and its levelling criterion is the CEFR criterion, which ranks in six different levels. French TCF exam has different types:

TCF TP or general test: suitable for everyone

TCF QUÉBEC test: suitable for immigrants

TCF Canada test: has 4 mandatory sections that examine the four skills of reading comprehension, speaking comprehension, written expression, and speaking expression.

TCF test for specific academic fields: suitable for students and scholarship students

All these tests are similar and minor differences may be seen in their content or structure. Because the types of TCF French language tests have differences, the date of the French Embassy TCF test may change a little. If you want to prepare for this test, first determine the level you are at. Then determine the type of test and prepare for the test.

4. TEF Test

Another type of French language test is the TEF French language test. Although this test is rated by the CEFR standard; But there are many differences with the previous test. Despite other tests, your level in each of the four main skills will be checked and determined separately. That is, it is possible for you to be successful in receiving the B2 test in the writing level, and to be satisfied with the A2 level in the speaking level.

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This test examines your level from a1 to c1 and assesses 5 oral comprehension skills, written comprehension, oral expression, written expression, and vocabulary and syntax. The Paris Chamber of Commerce is responsible for conducting courses related to this exam. In our country, the TEF French language test venue is Sinai Culture School.

5. Ev@Lang Test

Among other types of French language tests, we can mention the Ev@lang test. This test is designed by the French International Certification and Evaluation Organization and has different purposes. In this test, skills such as oral comprehension skills, written comprehension skills, and grammar and vocabulary are examined. Candidates who participate in this test can choose a specific skill according to their needs and take the test. The Ev@lang exam does not have an official certificate and is held at the French Language Center in Tehran. The level of this test is classified from level a1 to c1 and the maximum time allotted for it is 35 minutes.

6. DFP French Language Test

The DFP test is one of the French language business tests administered by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. People who intend to work in French offices and organizations or not, to work with these organizations and offices, must take this test. This test, like other French language tests, has different sections. This test has two sections: understanding and analyzing information and oral interaction.

The first part of the test, the information comprehension part, may take two hours, but the other part takes 5 to 15 minutes. The cost of this test is 160 euros. Note that only people who are over 16 years of age can participate in this type of test. In this test, you will be given a valid language certificate.

7. TFI Test

This test is also the last type of test that is used to determine the level of the French language. The ETS Institute, which is responsible for conducting the TOEFL and IELTS tests, conducts this test. People whose native language is not French (like the Duolingo test for people whose native language is not English) can work in international and French work environments with the help of this test. The TFI test has two sections, listening and comprehension, which examine people’s French language skills for their daily communication and interactions in France. The scores of this test vary between 10 and 990. This test is valid for two years and its validity period starts from the time when the certificate was issued. The important thing to note is that the TFI exam is not held in our country. You can take this test in neighbouring countries.

8. Tefaq Test

The TEFaQ test stands for Le test d’évaluation de français adapté pour le Québec. This test can assess the level of the French language and is basically suitable for people who intend to immigrate to Quebec. This test, like other French language tests, has two different parts.

In the first part, which is the listening comprehension part, the applicant must answer 60 test questions, and each wrong question has a negative mark. Therefore, applicants need to be very careful in this section to get a good score.

Another part of this test is the oral part, which is used to evaluate conversational skills in French. In this test you have to choose two different subjects. The first subject has prepared 10 questions to ask the applicant and a specific score has been considered for each question. The second subject is that the participant can speak French with the person taking the exam. In total, this test takes 35 minutes and is classified in levels a1, a2, b1, b2, c1, c2.

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9. TCFQ Test

The TCFQ test stands for Le test de connaissance du français pour le Québec and is an official test for immigration to France. This test is designed to evaluate and determine the level of French language from beginner to professional. The test has two listening and oral parts, in which you have 30 minutes to answer 30 questions with 4 answers. In the oral part, you have 15 minutes to answer 6 questions from your examiner. The levels of this exam, like the levels of the previous exam, include level A1 to level C2, and the validity of the certificate of this exam is two years. If you fail to pass this test the first time, don’t worry. Because there is no limit on the number of times you can participate in this test.

Examining The Differences Between Different Types Of French Language Tests

Some tests designed to assess the level of French language proficiency may have differences. Below are the different types of French language tests.

Comparison Of TEF And TCF Tests

People who want to immigrate to Canada must pass the TEF and TCF exams. In order to determine the best type of test, you should be familiar with the differences between these two tests. In the TEF test, the listening section may have similar parts that are repeated several times. Repeating these parts will increase the applicant’s accuracy. In the speaking section, the applicant can choose the topics he is prepared for and be asked questions and answers about them.

In this exam, applicants will be able to take notes for themselves and if they cannot read something from the text, they can use their notes to remember. This test has a negative score and may be difficult. This is even though there is no place for negative grades in the French TCF test, and there is no question of convincing the examiner. You can prepare yourself for these exams easily and quickly by participating in our training courses.

The Difference Between DELF  And DALF French

DELF and DALF French language tests also have differences from each other. Both of these tests are used to check the level of the general French language, But the DALF test is a more advanced version of the DALF test. This test has only two levels c1 and c2. If the Delphi test has levels a1 to b2. In general, you can submit copies of the documents of these tests to the French Embassy for work, immigration and study in France; But if you know that you have learned the French language very well, it is better to choose the DALF test.

Conclusion – Top French Language Proficiency Test for Study

In this article, we talked about the types of French language tests. Learning French allows you to work and study in this country and even be recognized as a French citizen. If you intend to immigrate to this country for any reason, you must obtain passing grades in various French language tests. These languages ​​are also very efficient for communicating with European countries. Therefore, every immigrant must know the different types of tests related to the French language to be able to travel to France and work and study in this country. In the above article, we also compared similar French tests. You can use this information well and participate in classroom courses to succeed in these tests

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