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The cost of studying in Germany


Today, the cost of studying in Germany is free for all international students in public universities except the universities of the state of Baden-Württemberg. To study in the universities of this state, you have to pay 1300 euros as a tuition fee. For other universities, you have to pay a small registration fee each semester. 

Tuition fees for private universities in Germany vary and range up to 30,000 euros per year. In the fields of MBA and engineering, the costs are much higher. In general, the cost of studying in Germany is low and it is very favourable for international students. In the following, we will discuss the full cost of studying in Germany and the tuition fees of German universities.

If you are planning to study in Germany, you should know that most of the universities in this country operate on a government basis, which is why the cost of studying in Germany is free for students who intend to study in the German language in the universities of this country. 

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Applicants who learn and master the German language and study with this language do not need to pay any tuition fees. But the people who choose private universities in this country usually have to pay high fees for their education, the average cost of studying in Germany is around 30,000 euros per academic year. In the table below, study fees in different levels have been examined. 

DegreesGovernment educational centres (Euro)Private educational centers (Euro)
schoolsFree15 to 30 thousand
Masters2507 to 26 thousand
Masters700 to 100010 to 40 thousand


One of the advantages of immigrating to Germany through education is the possibility of studying in English, therefore people who cannot study in German can study in English in private universities of this country. You should note that applicants to study in English in Germany have to pay high fees for this. 

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Normally, the cost of studying in Germany in English starts from around 26,000 euros and may go up to 40,000 euros for master’s degree studies. Of course, you should note that tuition fees are very different in different courses and fields.


Studying in private universities and in big cities in Germany is more expensive than studying in public universities of this country. Studying in German private universities is in English and is a very good option for those who do not want to learn German. In the table below, we examine the costs of studying at a private university in Germany:

University nameTuition amount in euros
Bard College Berlin €28,700
CODE University of Applied Sciences€9,800
EBC Hochschule€10,000
Friedensau Adventist University€3,500 (with a range from €1,200 to €4,900)
GISMA Business School€20,000 (with a range from €3,000 to €33,000)
Hertie School of Governance€32,500 (it offers only postgraduate courses)
Munich Business School €24,000
SRH Hochschule Berlin€10,000
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management€15,000
University of Applied Sciences Europe€1,400


As you know, the cost of student living in Germany depends on various factors. One of the things that greatly affects the cost of living for a student in Germany is the place where the student is going to live. If the university you have chosen has a student dormitory, we recommend that you settle in the student dormitory. 

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Because the cost of a student dormitory is much lower than the cost of a suite or housing located outside the university. The average cost of a student dormitory in Germany is around 300 euros.


What is the cost of studying in German universities?

The cost of studying in public universities in Germany is free, and in private universities and colleges, the amount of fees is different depending on the type.

Are students allowed to work in Germany while studying?

Yes. Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week during their studies.

What is the cost of living as a student in Germany?
The average cost of living for a student in Germany is 850 euros per month.

✔️ Are there any conditions for obtaining a scholarship to study in Germany?

Yes. There are conditions for obtaining a scholarship in Germany, and students can reduce the cost of studying and living in Germany by obtaining a scholarship.