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Saudi Electronic University Online Arabic Program 2024. Apply Now

The university introduces the Saudi Electronic University Online Arabic program. Arabic is the holy language of more than 1.5 billion people worldwide who worship and pray because the Qur’an is essential to a Muslim’s spiritual existence.

Arabic is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and in December each year, one of UNESCO’s leading organizations celebrates the Arabic language.

Given the growing need for Arabic language learning among non-native speakers and for closer cultural insight and understanding of other cultures, a comprehensive language program which promotes the spread of Arabic and Islamic culture was imperative. That’s one of the missions of the Saudi Electronic University Online Arabic program.

The Saudi Electronic University has developed a unique intensive language study program called Arabic Online to address these challenges. The material was shifted onto the Blackboard three years after the program through revision and modernization.

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The Saudi Electronic University Online Arabic program was designed to make one that provides language learning every day and everywhere in the world, promoting common principles of diversity, acceptance of others, and the fostering of peace and coexistence.

  • Respond to the urgent need for a robust online learning environment for non-nativity speakers in the area of Arabic.
  •  This is a response to the increasing need for non-native speakers to learn Arabic.
  •  Contribute to developing the Arabian language, improve its position and reputation as a global language, and strengthen its service role to the Arabian language of Saudi Arabia.
  •  Help spread the Arabic Islamic culture and actively engage with peers from other cultures to promote cultural understanding, coexistence among different cultures, and the engagement of Arab youth.
  •  Present Modern Standard Arabic to non-Mutters who underline the communication aspect and link it with daily use.
  •  Provide an immersive e-learning environment to access Arabic language learning.
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Program Educational Levels

The curriculum of the Saudi Electronic University Online Arabic Program provides a comprehensive format of four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and language elements (sound, vocabulary, and grammar).

The Saudi Electronic University Online Arabic program begins with an internship test, which determines the suitable level at which students will start their journey into the language of Arabic. High-quality images introduce the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation at the first level.

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An examination of the concepts is underlined at the end of the unit. Then, the student practices the language learned in immersive activities by talking, listening, reading, and writing.

How To Apply for Saudi Electronic University Online Program

If you are interested in the Saudi Electronic University Online Program, you can apply through the university’s online application portal. Admission to the program is open, and the deadline is unknown.

Apply from the official Website.

We wish you all the best!