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What is the minimum Passing score in TOEFL?


If you are looking for a TOEFL passing score or the highest TOEFL score, you should first know that the TOEFL test has no pass or fail score. Instead, essential conditions for university admission and obtaining a study visa determine the minimum TOEFL score.

For example, a university declares that the minimum passing score for its TOEFL is 80 and above, and another declares that the minimum score for admission to its university is 100 and above, and so on. It is the universities and immigration conditions and embassies of different countries that determine the minimum TOEFL score or the highest TOEFL score. The score you get from the Taqal test is the score of each part of the test and the whole test, which is finally measured by the initial conditions for entering the colleges or universities you are applying for. However, if you want to apply to several international colleges or universities, try to get the highest TOEFL score.

Where To Start To Get The Highest TOEFL Score?

If you need help knowing where to start or need clarification, in this article, we will help you find the fastest and best way to get a good score in TOEFLStay with us.

How To Get The Highest TOEFL Score In Speaking Skills?

If you want the highest TOEFL score, you must improve your speaking skills, correct pronunciation, correct grammar, use different words quickly in the right place, and develop the topic. To improve speaking skills, you should work on the following three factors:

  • Pronunciation and tone of words
  •  Grammar
  •  Topic development and communication
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Pronunciation And Tone Of Words

If you are a candidate for the TOEFL exam and have problems with pronunciation or intonation when speaking English, you should fix this problem before doing anything else. It would help if you studied specific lessons to improve the pronunciation and intonation of words when you talk.


If you need help with English grammar or more vocabulary, take an independent and integrated speaking practice test daily. If you can learn, for example, fifty words daily or know one of the grammar rules, you will increase your vocabulary incredibly after two months.

Topic Development And Communication

If you can’t easily talk about a specific topic or if you can’t speak coherently, it’s better to do a lot of English conversation exercises every day, from teaching simple English conversation to complex discussions and simple speeches.

It would help if you learned how to organize your ideas coherently. So, if you listen to different audio files on various topics and repeat them, you have done something worthwhile.

How To Get The Highest TOEFL Score In Listening Skills?

To get a good score on the TOEFL Listening test, you must identify the main topic of any speech, conversation, or audio file. If your listening skills are poor, you will not be able to recognize the gist of the speech. Of course, you cannot answer the questions raised about the topic. To improve your listening skills, you should listen to scientific files.

How Is The TOEFL Test In The Listening Skill Section?

For example, the TOEFL scoring system for the listening skill section is such that two different novels are narrated, and comparative questions are asked. In this case, you must understand the story’s main topic and answer the questions correctly.

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The first question in the TOEFL test is always related to the main topic of the speech. These types of questions are prevalent in the TOEFL test. Therefore, it is essential to understand the main subject. At the beginning of each listening test section, the teacher usually indicates the speech’s main topic. Still, sometimes the main topic can be divided into several other issues.

How To Get The Highest TOEFL Score In Writing Skills?

To be able to study in universities or colleges abroad. You must have good writing skills. You should be able to express what you mean correctly through your writing.

This is precisely what the TOEFL test focuses on. Just as most colleges require a student to write an ISI scientific essay or conduct scientific research before admission to test the student’s writing ability, the TOEFL test emphasizes writing skills. Your TOEFL test score will be maintained if your writing is fluent and clear in the TOEFL test.

The primary purpose of the TOEFL listening skill test is that you have enough ability to be in an academic environment. So, if you want the highest TOEFL score, you must be able to write academic English essays.

How To Get A Good Score on the TOEFL Reading Skill Test?

This part of the TOEFL test is where you are given time and speed. The more fluently and faster you read the TOEFL test texts, the better your score will be. Of course, all of this depends on answering the questions correctly.

You estimate how much time you have to read and how much time you have to understand. That makes it tricky for you. In this section, you have to read three or four texts and answer the following questions:

The TOEFL reading skill section has about 56 questions that must be answered in a maximum of 80 minutes. You only have five minutes to read each text and approximately one minute to answer the questions. If you want more time to answer the questions, read each text in three or four minutes. To get a passing grade on the TOEFL exam, especially in reading skills and reading comprehension, you should study as many different materials as possible and strengthen your understanding to understand the text and answer all the questions in a shorter period.

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What Is The Minimum TOEFL Score For Admission?

As we said at the beginning of the article, the minimum passing score for each university abroad is different. For example, one university accepts a score of 110 on the TOEFL test, and another agrees with a 90 or 95. However, generally, the minimum TOEFL score for admission to universities in Asian countries is around 80 to 85 out of 120. Of course, the TOEFL pass score is slightly higher for European universities.

How Long Is TOEFL Validity?

If you managed to score well in the TOEFL test, don’t worry. Because you can get a passing grade on the TOEFL test for up to five years, you will have up to five years from when you pass the TOEFL exam to apply to any university.

Do I Need An English Teacher To Get The Minimum TOEFL Score?

Only an experienced language teacher will know which part of your English skills you need help with once you start speaking. For example, your vocabulary is small, you need to learn the synonyms of words, or you can’t tell in a unified and coherent manner. Or you need help understanding the main topic of conversations or lectures. The teacher knows well whether you speak fluently or not. Or whether you need help understanding the material well. Do you need help with writing or grammar rules?

Then he gives you different exercises in the same proportion so that you can improve the same skill. An English teacher can help you get the highest TOEFL score. So, if you want to get a good score on the TOEFL test, ask for help from experienced teachers.

Conclusion: What is the minimum Passing score in TOEFL?

TOEFL does not have a permanent passing score as the requirements for each institution vary. You must work well on all English language learning skills to get the highest TOEFL score. If you are self-studying, it is much more difficult. Because you need help understanding exactly which part of language learning you have a problem with.

It is better to have an elite and experienced teacher for TOEFL training. You will find your problems sooner, and as a result, you will fix them sooner.