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What is the Toeic Test?

TOEIC is an international standard test called the TOEIC language test, which is held to measure your English language skills. In this test, non-English speakers can measure their communication skills in the workplace. If you are looking for international admission, a job in a global company, or want to improve your position, you should take the Toeic test and get a passing score. If you need to learn the TOEIC exam and become more familiar with its details, follow us in the rest of this article.

What Is the Toeic Test?

TOEIC English test is derived from the abbreviation for international communication test of English and gives the meaning of English test for international communication. The purpose of designing this test is to measure professional English language skills for non-English speaking people. ETS developed the TOEIC exam to assess language learners’ language skills in the workplace. This test focuses on topics related to work areas, such as meetings, phone conversations, travel plans, and the like. Note that this test is different from the IELTS test.

TOEIC Test Topics

Toeic test focuses on specific topics, and you need to know what the questions of this test are about to be successful:

  • Communication and technology such as email, meetings, conferences, computers, and the like
  •  Transportation such as tours and travel agencies
  •  Health matters such as communication with doctors and insurance officials
  •  Cultural affairs such as commercial, media, artistic, and other events
  •  Program and budget such as investment, tax, billing, budget, accounting
  •  Companies and human resources include contracts, employment, pensions, relations between employees, dismissals, and relations between different company departments such as production, research and development, purchasing, quality control, etc.
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Introducing the types of TOEIC tests

The TOEIC test includes three different tests:

  • Reading and listening test

In TOEIC listening and TOEIC reading, candidates’ reading and listening skills knowledge is measured from beginner to advanced levels, that is, A1 to C1. After passing each level, for example, the b2 exam, you must prepare for the next level. The questions for this exam are multiple choice questions, and the exam will be written.

  • Oral and written test

In this test, the speaking and writing skills of the learner are measured from A1 to C1 level. Oral and written examinations are conducted online.

  • TOEIC bridge prof

This test evaluates reading and listening skills from A1 to B1 levels. This type of TOEIC test is written and multiple-choice.

It is better to know that the oldest TOEIC test is the listening and reading test, which is held in writing and the relevant institutions. The oral and written test has recently been introduced, and the method of conducting it is online. TOEIC listening and reading tests show a person’s ability to speak.

Introducing The Structure And Details Of The TOEIC Reading And Listening Test

This test will take two and a half hours and includes two listening and reading parts. One hundred questions are designed for each section. In the listening section, you have to read 4 articles; three are assigned for the reading section. In total, you will be tested in 7 parts. Because broadcast videos are played only once, taking the time to learn the basics and pass this section successfully is necessary. Your final score will be announced after three weeks, and you must score between 5 and 495 for each section. The highest score you can get is 990, and the worst is 10.

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Introducing The Structure Of The Oral And Written TOEIC Test

The time of this test is 90 minutes, and it consists of two parts that are held separately. The speaking test lasts 20 minutes and includes the following items:

  • Describe a picture using correct grammar and vocabulary
  •  Read the highlighted paragraph aloud to check the correct pronunciation of the words
  •  Suggesting a solution to a problem
  •  Expressing an opinion on a subject
  •  Answer the questions fluently

The time of the written test is 60 minutes, and you must do the following:

  • Write correct sentences according to the picture
  •  Write a short essay
  •  Write an appropriate response to an email

The maximum score for each section is 200.

Success In The TOEIC Test

Practicing a lot is the primary way to succeed in the TOEIC test. You can start learning the exam topics by self-study or participate in high-quality classes and improve your level of mastery. One of the most effective ways to succeed is to study TOEIC test sample questions. You can search the term TOEIC  sample test with answers and download the questions of the previous tests along with the answers. Studying sample questions will be very helpful to get familiar with the exam format.

By downloading the previous TOEIC tests, you can create test conditions similar to the Mock IELTS test. If the country you want to study and work in is Turkey, you must take the Turkish Tomer exam. To get familiar with Tomer exam questions like the TOEIC test, you can download Tomer exam sample or Tomer question sample from the site and proceed to learn.

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How To Register For The TOEIC Test

Many institutes, companies, and universities accept the TOEIC test because it is designed internationally. Some institutes organize this exam, and you can register through them. To determine the test location, you only need to visit the official TOEIC website and specify your test location.

Look for the nearest test venue and select your desired date based on the specified dates. Registering at least three months before the exam is better because the number of registrations may be limited.

How to get your TOEIC result score

After taking the exam, you have to wait for your test result. ETS Global organization will send you the score of the TOEIC exam forms. The time to receive the results varies depending on the type of test you have taken. It takes between 10 and 15 working days after the test day to send the listening and reading test results. Generally, weeks are a good time to wait to receive your score. Of course, viewing scores online in your ETS Global account is possible. Of course, this way, you can only know the result, and it cannot be used as an official document

. You can also find the results through the institution where you took the test. Your official score reports will be sent to the relevant institution. Please note that the test result is valid only for two years, and it is necessary always to seek to improve your English language skills.


The TOEIC test can evaluate the student’s mastery of the English language and its various skills. If you want to find a job in other countries or improve your level, it is better to take the TOEIC test to get a good score. Above, we have thoroughly discussed the details and structure of this test and explained how you can complete the registration-related tasks.

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