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Research Proposal for Scholarship or Grant Applications


Research Proposal for Scholarship or Grant Applications: The first thing that should be considered in preparing a research proposal is what is your goal of presenting the research project and what do you expect your project to achieve. Before writing the research proposal, you can list your goals in writing it.

Don’t hesitate to present information that shows you are more aristocratic on the issue and mention how and from where this issue came to your mind. Determine your method of presentation of research and remember that this is the same method used to collect information, and present and analyze data. Therefore, you should specify your research method and use the same method until the end.

Your audience must be convinced that your chosen method is the best way to complete the project and analyze the data. Remember that the project must have something new to present, otherwise, you will be repeating the work of others.

In addition to ensuring the presence of your instructor, you should also announce the materials, supplies, and equipment you need and how to prepare them for the project so that if they are not available, these special equipment can be prepared as soon as possible. You must describe exactly what resources you need to complete your project step by step, so if you need a specific book to advance your project, let us know.

Also, if you need to learn a specific skill, such as learning statistical data analysis, to complete the project, you should also let us know. Finally, remember to declare all the costs of the project, even the required travel costs, until the final stage.

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Key and useful tips

Select the title of the research proposal: (The title is an important and key phrase that represents the main topic of the research. This phrase should not be more than 20 words and can be edited after the completion of the project. The title should not have a vague and ambiguous meaning. but it can be a question or a problem that you are supposed to answer after the completion of the project.)

Example of the correct title

  • The Importance of Religion to Psychiatric Patients:
  • Do Religious Clients Relapse More or Less Often than Non-Religious Clients
  • The Role of the Bull in Minoan-Mycenaean Religion and its Survival into Greek Religion

Poor title example

  • The Impact of Twelve-Hour Shifts in the Workplace
  • Factors in the Successful Performance of Strategic Alliances

Using key phrases to start: (it is better to use the following phrases to explain more and communicate more with the audience)

  • This study takes the next logical step in integrating ……
  • This study will extend ……
  • Until now it has not been possible to ……, however ……
  • Until now …… has not been understood, however ……
  • …… has been overlooked in previous studies of ……
  • Previous work was limited by ……, I propose to ……
  • It has been suggested by previous research that …… will be investigated further
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Project text

The project must have the following characteristics:

  • Provide solutions that did not exist before.
  • present old methods in a new way.
  • try to introduce a new method to the country or region that has not existed before.
  • Provide solid evidence for your statements.
  • Pay attention to points that have not been considered before.
  • Continuation of other people’s half-finished works.

Tips about the tutor

The first supervisor who reads your research proposal can accept or reject it, so you should be careful in choosing your supervisor. Normally, you should go to the introduction section of PhD professors or the names of supervisors available on the faculty’s website and send your research proposal to one or more of them.

Remember that the supervisor must be active in the field of your research proposal, so it is better to find and study the description of the work history (resume) of your desired professor before anything else. In cases where the supervisor has no activity in the field of your research proposal, but the topic you presented is interesting to him, he will accept it.

Other reasons for rejecting a research proposal include the topic of the research, so that, for example, your proposal is generally wrong. In such cases, the instructor will raise the existing problem and ask you to correct it. Sometimes, your supervisor may hand over your research proposal to another professor or even another faculty that is active in your desired field.


If your conditions are suitable for receiving a scholarship, the supervisor can guide you in this field. Keep in mind that after accepting the research proposal from the supervisor, you must maintain your relationship with him continuously. It is necessary to maintain this relationship because in some cases the supervisor may be transferred to the faculty or even to another university. It is better to know that sometimes it is not your responsibility to choose a supervisor depending on the desired university.

In some universities, there is only one public email address for receiving files and research projects. In this case, you will not be in contact with the professors, but you will wait for the review of the case and the appointment of a supervisor by the faculty.

Since research courses do not have a specific start time, the start time of your project is actually an agreement between you and the supervisor. Fortunately, the process of issuing visas for research student files in Iran is very fast, so you will not have to worry about the length of the visa process. It is only necessary to announce your arrival time to the relevant instructor.

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