AlQasimia University Scholarship and admission for the undergraduate stage at Sharjah, UAE has been opened for the fall semester 2023-2024 for the following colleges:

1- College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
2- College of Arts and Humanities
3- College of Economics and Administration
4- College of Communication
5- College of the Noble Qur’an

The above are the available faculties and colleges at AlQasimia University in which you any interested students can choose one out of them.

AlQasimia University in Sharjah – United Arab Emirate is ranked #31st in the country according to the last QS World Ranking, while ranked #9286 in the world. It is one of the best universities in the region and the world at large.

This scholarship of AlQasimia is a fully funded scholarship that is opened for international students around the world who wish to pursue the academy studies in high level (undergraduate).

AlQasimia University Scholarship Starting and Closing Date

AlQasimia University is opens to students who wish to apply for their scholarship through its portal for the above mentioned programs as from February 10 2023 while the closing date is unknown. It can be closed anytime from the moment.

how to get alqasimia university scholarship

Register now before its too late. To see explanations with images on how to apply for the AlQasimia University scholarship, just click here now.

AlQasimia University Scholarship program

  • The scholarship program is limited to students admitted to the university from outside the United Arab Emirates only.
  • The scholarship student receives a monthly reward determined by the university (according to the laws and regulations).
  • The monthly bonus will be paid during the summer semester for registered students only. Studies are compulsory in the summer semester.
  • AlQasimia University scholarship allows students to be entitled to one travel ticket (to and fro) after completing half of the total hours of the major he is studying, provided that his semester or cumulative average is not less than 2.00 points (throughout the study period).
  • The university provides for all residency procedures and obtaining identity cards for students.
  • The university provides health insurance for all students.
  • AlQasimia university scholarship also gives room to suitable housing for their students.
  • The university provides transportation on-campus only.
  • If the student does not show up on time, the arrival visa is canceled.
  • The student is granted a ticket (one way) to his country after graduation.
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Scholarship Continuity Controls

Below are the AlQasimia University scholarship continuity controls:

  • Register for each semester and not drop out.
  • The semester average and cumulative average for the regular semester for AlQasimia University scholarship should not be less than 2.00 points, 70%.
  • In the event that the student’s semester or cumulative average (for the regular semester) falls below 2.00 points, 70%, scholarship controls, and instructions apply.
  • The scholarship student is accepted to the university as a full-time student to study, and he is not entitled to work throughout the period of his studies at the university.

  • Students enrolled in the intensive Arabic language program must successfully complete the program within one academic year (maximum) and then be assigned to one of the specializations offered by the university in accordance with the terms of admission in each major and available academic seats. If he is not able to pass the program, university regulations are applied in this matter.
  • Adherence to the university’s regulations and laws, as well as the behavioral and ethical controls that university life requires.
  • AlQasimia University scholarship won’t allow their students to leave the university or leave the country without prior permission from the university and with acceptable excuses.

Al Qasimia University Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The AlQasimia University scholarship is not for everybody but limited to those who are qualified. To know if you qualify for the scholarship, check the below conditions guiding the scholarship.

  • Obtaining the general secondary certificate for the United Arab Emirates or its equivalent from the Ministry of Education, with a minimum grade of 70%.
  • Students holding a Sharia secondary certificate with a rate of 75% are allowed to enroll in the appropriate undergraduate programs at the university.
  • The date of obtaining the high school diploma (general/advanced branch) or technical certificates or its equivalent should not be more than three years after submitting the application at the university.
  • Students with a commercial secondary certificate with a rate of (80% or more) from recognized schools or institutes are allowed to apply to the College of Economics and Administration.
  • In all cases, the years of study in the second stage must not be less than three years.
  • The equivalency of the secondary certificate obtained by the student with the secondary certificate issued in the United Arab Emirates is required.
  • Students applying to join the Faculty of Economics and Administration for the AlQasimia University scholarship for second semester 2023/2024 are required to obtain an international TOEFL certificate (61 points or more in IBT), (173 points or more in CBT) or (500 degrees or more in PBT), or the equivalent internationally from an academic test in English Language (IELTS) with a total of at least (5.0), and not more than two years have passed since the date of its issuance.
  • Students applying to join the College of Communication are required to obtain an international TOEFL certificate (45 points or more in IBT), (133 points or more in CBT) or (450 degrees or more in PBT), or equivalent internationally from an academic test in the English language ( IELTS) with a total of no less than (4.5), provided that it has not been more than two years since it was issued.
  • The student must not have been previously dismissed from the Qasimiya University, another university, community college, or higher institute for disciplinary or academic reasons.
  • The applicant shall specify the colleges and programs, according to the priority of his desire to join each of them.
  • The applicant must not exceed 20 years of age when applying to join the university.
  • Students will not be allowed to attend study before completing the required documents.
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  • All applications for admission are considered preliminary, until they are validated, and they comply with the conditions.
  • The student’s fulfillment of the admission requirements is not a guarantee of his admission, as the admission process depends on the admission policy and the university’s absorptive capacity, according to the availability of resources.
  • Students will be admitted according to the numbers to be accepted in each college. The preference for choosing students is according to the highest group, the most recent graduation, and the youngest.
  • An entrance examination is conducted in the Arabic language to determine the student’s level in that language and to indicate whether he can enroll directly in the program, or join the Language Center to qualify him linguistically.

AlQasimia University Scholarship Admission Requirements

If you’re qualified with the terms and conditions of AlQasimia University scholarship , below are the requirement to fully qualify for the scholarship:

  • The original secondary certificate.
  • The original grades for the high school grades (tenth – eleventh – twelfth).
  • Attestation of all the certificates mentioned by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which the certificate is issued, and the UAE embassy in the country concerned. In the event that the UAE embassy is not present in the country, it is authenticated by the embassy of one of the Arab countries operating in this country.
  • Translating legal certificates into Arabic or English, legal translation, and attesting them from the aforementioned authorities.
  • Bring evidence of recognition by the Ministry of Education in the country from which the certificate was issued at the institute or school granting the high school diploma, and that graduates of this institute or school can enroll in government universities in this country.
  • Translate the passport into Arabic and certify the translated image from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of the student and the UAE embassy.
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Other Requirements

  • Application to complete the data: in the case of applying to the Faculty of Economics and Management, an international TOEFL certificate (IBT 61) or higher, or CBT 173 points or more, or (PBT 500) points or higher, or the international equivalent of an academic test in the English language (IELTS) must be brought ) With a total of no less than (5.0), and it is valid, provided that it has not been more than two years since it was issued.
  • ‌‌ In case of applying to the College of Communication, the International TOEFL Certificate (IBT 45) must be brought up or more, Or (CBT 133) points or more, or (PBT 450) points or higher, or the international equivalent of an academic test in the English Language (IELTS) with a total of no less than (4.5), and it is valid provided that it has not been passed to obtain it More than two years from the date of issue, and the university does not bear the costs of the IELTS or TOEFL exams.
  • A copy of the student’s passport, valid for at least one year.
  • 12 recent colored personal photos (3 x 4) with a white background.
  • A copy of a valid certificate of good conduct and behavior and translation of the data into legal translation into Arabic and English.
  • A copy of the birth certificate, or what proves that, and legal translation of the data in case the data is written in a language other than Arabic or English.
  • A health fitness certificate issued by a government hospital in the student’s country stating that the student is free of all infectious diseases certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of issuance.

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How To Apply for the Scholarship of AlQasimia University

To apply for the scholarship of this institution, make sure you’re qualified as per requirements as well as terms conditions mentioned above.

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