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What is the GMAT test?

What is the GMAT test? The GMAT test, which stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, is known today as one of the most reliable and reliable tools for measuring the individual and mental skills of applicants for courses such as MBA and MPA Master of Public Administration.

Today, many educational institutions and prestigious universities organizing such courses consider the GMAT test score as a criterion for evaluating applicant students. The passing score in the GMAT exam is not a fixed score, but due to the combination of the test, each institution proposes a level of score as its acceptance criterion.

History of the GMAT test – What is the GMAT test?

In 1953, the Graduate Management Admission Council, known as GMAC, along with nine business schools, decided to offer a standardized test to admit students. In the first year, this test was given about 2,000 times, but now it is taken about 23,000 times every year. Currently, about 2,100 schools and 5,900 educational programs around the world conduct this test.

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The test sections

were changed on June 5, 2012 with the addition of the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT test sections as follows:

1- Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

This section consists of a 30-minute writing section that seeks to find skills The user finds the hidden reasoning behind an analysis and then critiques that analysis. Two scores are provided for evaluation and the final score of the user is given from the average of these two scores. The first grade is given by a computerized writing analysis program and the second grade is given by a proofreader. The grade of this section also changes from one (lowest) to six (highest) in half units. A score of zero is given if the candidate has not written anything!

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2- Integrated Reasoning

This part of the test is also 30 minutes long. In this section, the user’s ability to review and evaluate data presented in several formats and from several sources is examined. This section consists of 12 questions in 4 different sections:
Graphic Interpretation
In this section, blank questions must be filled based on the figure or diagram provided.
Two-Part Analysis
A question is given with two sub-questions in which the possible answers must be selected from a table that shows the options in column form.
Table Analysis
A sortable table is provided that must be analyzed and based on that, multi-part questions with correct and incorrect answers will be answered.
Multi-Source Reasoning
In this type of question, multiple sources of information are presented in the form of letters and official texts, and the relevant questions must be answered based on this information.

3- Computational skill (Quantitative)

In this section, mathematical and computational questions are presented. These questions require some computational and algebraic knowledge. The questions of this section are presented in two categories:

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problem-solving and data sufficiency. In the data sufficiency section, you have to answer whether the given information is sufficient for a definitive and unique solution to the problem. This part of the test takes 75 minutes and its scores range from 0 to 60, although scoring above 50 and below 7 is very unusual.

4- Verbal skill

This part of the test consists of 41 questions and takes 75 minutes. The scores of this section range from 0 to 60, and of course scores above 45 and below 9 are very rare. In this section, you must answer the questions of reading comprehension, critical analysis and sentence correction. The questions are also 5 options.

According to the designers, in this section, your ability to analyze information and draw a conclusion is checked.

The Importance of the GMAT

About two-thirds of the 1,900 business schools worldwide administer a GMAT for admission. Most reputable business schools in North America consider the GMAT score for admission.

Although this test cannot measure all the candidate’s abilities, it can be a good combination of the general abilities required to study senior business management (MBA and DBA), specialized courses in finance, accounting, economics, and public relations management.