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TOEFL VS IELTS Which one is the easiest?


TOEFL VS IELTS Which one is the easiest? This is a question that many people have a lot of doubt about, especially those who want to use their English language skills test scores to apply to study in many foreign institutions and in Thailand. Therefore, in order to have a complete understanding. That’s right, let’s study the information before deciding to take the exam. There will be no need to waste money on applying multiple times.

Differences in the application of TOEFL and IELTS

The TOEFL test is the American version of the English language proficiency test, while the IELTS is the UK version of the English language proficiency test. The first obvious difference is If anyone is interested in studying in America, they will usually take the TOEFL test. Those who choose to study in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand will usually take the IELTS test.

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TOEFL vs IELTS Which one is the easiest?

If divided into each skill, it will help to see more differences than before. Both exam formats have the following skills that test takers must take:

1. Reading skills test

TOEFL has 3 passages to read. You must answer questions in no more than 20 minutes per part. There are many different types of questions. The content focuses on academics.

IELTS Essay of approximately 3-5 paragraphs, focusing on multiple-choice questions (select answers). Topic is usually academic in nature. Allowed 20 minutes.

However, when evaluated, the IELTS test is more difficult than the TOEFL in reading skills.

2. Listening Skills Test

TOEFL time: 40-60 minutes. May be a conversation or lecture. Multiple-choice answers must be completed at the fastest possible speed.

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IELTS has many answer formats, such as filling in words, selecting answers, and adding information in pictures, graphs, maps, etc. The length of the listening session is uncertain.

In conclusion, the IELTS listening skills test is still more difficult than the TOEFL because it requires more answers in a variety of formats.

3. Writing skills test

TOEFL is a computer system where test takers must write an essay of approximately 5 paragraphs, 300-350 words in length, in the first part. In the second part, there is reading an article or listening to a lecture, then writing opinions, ways to solve problems, or other things according to the questions. Set 150-200 words.

The first part of IELTS will include information and a description of what you see, such as diagrams, graphs, tables, in about 150 words. In the next part, you will have to write an opinion on the topic that has been specified in the question in 250 words or more.

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As for the writing skills test, I must say that the TOEFL is clearly more difficult. Use a lot of writing principles. The length is also greater.

4. Speaking skills test

TOEFL quiz with computer Most of the content is about the article, a short description of about 6 questions, and 20 minutes of time.

IELTS quiz with foreign judges which will have different questions It’s mostly an introduction and questions based on the images you see. Allow 12-14 minutes.

For this skill, the TOEFL test is slightly more difficult in that you have to answer to the point because the computer determines the score. IELTS is more flexible.

In conclusion, TOEFL vs IELTS, which one is the easiest?

From the various explanations, it is probably not clear which TOEFL or IELTS is the easiest. Because each skill is different. It depends largely on the test taker’s objectives. If you choose to study in America, you should take the TOEFL test. But if you are in Europe, such as the United Kingdom, Or in Australia, New Zealand, IELTS is better.

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