Studying medicine in Denmark, the Danish Medical University, the conditions for studying dentistry in Denmark, the Danish medical scholarship and the conditions for entering medical fields in Denmark, and obtaining residency in this way, are scientifically examined in this article. 

People may have questions about immigrating to Denmark, such as what are the requirements and qualifications for studying medicine in Denmark? What are the costs of studying in Denmark? What is the cost of living in this country? 

At the end of this article, we have tried to answer all these questions. Denmark is one of the northern European countries that has a high export of dairy and meat products, oil and medical equipment. The quality of education in this country is also very high, so there is a great demand for immigration to Denmark. 

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General conditions of medical education in Denmark

If you are planning to study medicine in Denmark, we must say that you have made a great choice, because Denmark is one of the most popular countries in the world to continue your studies due to the excellent quality of teaching and the use of very useful innovative methods, as well as very low costs.

be To apply for study in this country, the person must first send his application directly to the desired university in Denmark, then according to which country you are applying from and your degree and your equivalent degree, and finally, the level of mastery must be prepared. You can prove that you are in Danish or English, and then you have to apply for a visa.

If you are a member of the EU, this application is not necessary, it is enough to prove that you are a member of the EU and therefore you have a work permit. They give without restrictions, and if you are not a member of the European Union, you must get a residence permit

Conditions for entering the medical field in Denmark

If you intend to study medicine in Denmark, you should definitely get information about the conditions for entering medical fields in this country. Each country has a series of special conditions related to education. The first condition is that you must master the Danish language, and if you don’t, don’t worry at all, because you can master the courses offered in English in this country for free, then you must have your documents to be equated by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education. 

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Then submit your IELTS or TOEFL score, which is equivalent to 6.5 or 7. The great news for those who are members of the European Union is that they don’t have to pay any tuition fees, but other people have to pay around 16,000 euros per year. It is also important to mention that Danish universities require a visa to accept international students.


If you intend to study medicine in Denmark, you must get accurate information about which university you are studying in and which universities are approved by the international medical system. For your convenience, below are the names of the universities approved by the international medical system:


The Medical University of Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the largest educational institutions in the Nordic countries, and is known as the best university in Scandinavia.


It is a public research university and the second-largest university in Denmark.


It is established in Aalborg, Sperge and Copenhagen and is one of the public universities of Denmark


It is established in the south of Denmark and in Zeeland and cooperates with the universities of Flensburg and Kiel.


 Those who intend to study medicine in Denmark must have the following documents in order to be admitted to Danish universities: Studying in all levels of Denmark is allowed, and the first necessary condition for studying medicine in Denmark is that The person must be accepted in the national entrance exam in the field of medicine. that is, the person must submit a certificate of passing in the national exam that is taken by the evaluation organization to the desired university in Denmark.

the second condition for admission is enrollment in the college and This path is very problematic for those who do not have the medical pass certificate in the national exam. Acquiring a DANISH language certificate is also very important and mandatory and you must definitely acquire it.

Medical education costs in Denmark

If you intend to study medicine in Denmark, then be sure to get information about the cost of studying in this country. As you know, the cost of studying medicine is more expensive than other fields, and Denmark is no exception to this rule. Therefore, it is necessary for every person who is going to study in this field and in this country to be aware of these costs. 

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Tuition fees vary depending on the university. If you are a person from the European Union or in any way reside in one of the European Union countries, you only have to pay the fee for checking the documents, otherwise, in addition to the fee for checking the documents, you have to pay the cost of studying at the university, which is about 8 to 14 thousand on average.

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Living costs for studying medicine in Denmark

If you intend to study medicine in Denmark, you should know that medicine is one of the most expensive fields, and knowing the costs is one of the most important information that a person should be fully aware of before taking action. The conditions of studying in Denmark and its costs are similar to other European countries, but there are definitely differences. 

The costs of studying medicine in Denmark include the cost of education and living, the cost of living is usually proportional to the university where you study, dormitory or home and place of residence, and whether a person is married or single, etc., which is the average cost The cost of living for a single person is around 800 to 1100 euros per month. You can see a list of living costs in Denmark in the table below.

Food itemsCost in Danish kroner
1 kg of white rice14.05
A 500-gram loaf of white bread8.66
Passing by taxi on a one-kilometre route17.08
12 eggs22.86
1 kg boneless chicken breast63.79
1 kg of apples18.39
1 kg of bananas17.53
Public transportation/services/entertainmentCost in Danish kroner
One-way ticket (for local transportation)24.00
Taxi fare for one hour (normal rate)400.20
1 litre of gasoline15.00
1 liter of gasoline10.88
Water, electricity, … for an 85-meter apartment1.273.22
60 MB unlimited internet240.79
Tuition for 1 month of the gym for one person in the field of fitness244.46

Studying in other fields of medical sciences in Denmark

Today, many young people are thinking of immigrating to different countries and studying medicine and its sub-branches, at low cost or even for free. If you are also thinking of studying medicine in the peaceful and high-level country of Denmark, it is better not to miss these materials. The conditions for admission to a university depend on the type of university, and in general, private universities are easier.

They are accepted by public universities. The duration of medical studies in Denmark is 6 years, and medical studies are available in both Danish and English. Studying medicine in Denmark includes benefits such as cheap education, a valid degree, providing accommodation, a work permit while studying, etc.


Dentistry in Denmark is such that a person must have completed the 12th diploma in order to start studying dentistry. At the same time, it is very important to know the English language at an excellent level in order to pass this stage. 

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The University of Copenhagen University of Dentistry offers a three-year program for a master’s degree and a two-year program for a bachelor’s degree in dentistry for those interested in studying in this field. The benefits of studying dentistry in Denmark include all medical benefits.


If you are one of those people who are interested in pharmacy, you must have the following conditions. The language level test is one of the special requirements for entry. It should be said that unlike the medical field, which was in both Danish and English, this field in the University of Copenhagen is only in Danish. As a result, the Danish language A level is required for all levels.


Those who intend to study nursing in Denmark should know that Denmark has good salaries for nurses. But first, you have to be supported by DNO (Health Service in Denmark) and also get your language certificate, which should be at a high level.

Obtaining a medical study visa in Denmark

If you intend to study medicine in Denmark and you are not a member of European countries, you must apply for a Danish study visa. In this way, you must apply for a visa two months before going to Denmark and starting your classes, this visa is valid depending on the duration of your studies, and then you must set a time with the embassy to go to the embassy and register your fingerprints and information, then you must pay the visa fee and at the end you have to prove that you can determine your living expenses. 

In a list, the tasks can be expressed as follows: obtaining a language certificate, proof that you are not in financial trouble and can pay your living expenses, which is around 1000 euros, an acceptance letter from the university of your choice, an application form that completed, the latest photo and valid passport, travel insurance, your educational documents from the country of origin, complete information about your education. 

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Work after medical studies

in Denmark Studying medicine in prestigious and prestigious universities in the world is the dream of many people, so that with this education, they can create a great and successful future for themselves. Studying medicine in Denmark is not an exception to this issue and it is a great place to study for many people interested in medical science because Denmark has a good scientific and academic level. 

Many people who are interested in studying medicine in Denmark are thinking of working and also getting a residency in this way. In addition to the fact that students are allowed to work during the period they are studying medicine in Denmark, their stay is also extended for 6 months after completing their medical studies in Denmark so that they can find the job they want in this country.

They should engage in that work in order to obtain residence of this country as well. In the graph shown below, you can see the unemployment rate in Denmark in the last few years, which is low.


✔️ Do we need a language certificate to study medicine in Denmark?
Yes, it is necessary to have a language certificate.
✔️ Is it necessary to take a pre-medical course to study in Denmark?
Yes, to study medicine and related fields, you must take pre-medical courses and pass the entrance exam.
✔️ Is it possible to study in English in Danish medical universities?
No, to study medicine in any country, because you are dealing with common people, you must study in the official language of that country.
✔️ How much does it cost to live in Denmark?
In general, the cost of living for a person in Denmark is around 1000-1100 euros per month