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How to get an International Scholarship – full guides


How to get an international scholarship is one of the frequently asked questions of applicants for educational immigration. Scholarships can reduce the high costs of studying abroad and help students financially. 

Scholarship capacity is limited in various universities, especially prestigious universities, and as a result, there are many challenges and competition for students on the way to getting a scholarship. In general, scholarships are grants that are granted by universities and governments to students who have a strong scientific and academic resume, so that the best students can study without worrying about the costs. 

In the continuation of the article, how to obtain a scholarship, specialized and scientific information is presented in this regard. Please stay with us until the end of the article.


The cost of educational migration is high for many international students and students cannot afford to pay for their education, so the institutions, governments and various organizations provide scholarships to students who have a strong academic resume. Students can study without having financial worries. A scholarship is a grant that is given to students as a gift, and the student does not need to return this amount to the university after completing their studies. 

Keep in mind that in order to receive a scholarship, you must meet certain conditions imposed by the university according to the popular scholarship website. The university can agree or disagree with the student’s scholarship after reviewing the applicant’s documents.


What conditions should students have in order to receive a scholarship? It is clear that scholarship applicants must meet the conditions set by the university. It is important for students to know how to get scholarships and they should pay attention to it. In the following, we will explain the conditions for obtaining a scholarship:

  • Having a language certificate

To get a scholarship from a university, the first and most important option is to provide an acceptable language certificate. Each country and university has a specific score for the language according to its conditions. The applicant must submit IELTS or TOEFL or … with a high score and according to the request of the destination university.

  • Having high scientific skills

Presenting research projects, inventions or research articles are very important. Articles and research works must be published so that the student can qualify for the scholarship. Submitting published domestic and foreign journal articles and master’s and doctoral theses can increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

  • GPA condition for scholarship

It is quite clear that a high GPA has a significant impact on getting a scholarship because it will show the seriousness of the student in the subject of study and the excellence of the student. Most of the prestigious universities have a private grade point average condition to provide scholarships to students. For this purpose, it is mandatory for the applicant to provide transcripts of previous grades.

  • Submitting a recommendation letter
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To make the documents stronger, it is recommended to have letters of recommendation from distinguished professors or reputable researchers.

  • Communication with the professor at the destination university

If you are in contact with at least one of the professors in the university you intend to study in, or if you have done research, you can be introduced to the university with his help and increase your chances of getting a scholarship from the university.


In order to receive a scholarship, one must pay attention to the necessary points and also go through certain steps in order to get a scholarship from the desired university. To get a scholarship, you must go through these steps:

  • Choosing the desired university
  • Submit your resume to the university
  • Go through the necessary steps to obtain a visa
  • Migration to the destination country and desired university


Scholarships are divided into three general categories. Each has its own conditions.

  • Obtaining a scholarship without the need for side activities
    • Full Fund Scholarship: Covers all education and living expenses.Partial Fund Scholarship: Covers a part of education and living expenses.Scholarship: This scholarship includes the cost of education and sometimes the cost of accommodation, books, and travel.
    • Fellowship: A grant that is provided to students to carry out research work.
  • Getting a scholarship requires a side activity
    • Research assistant scholarship: offered to graduate students
    • Teaching assistant scholarship: It is offered to all students who help university professors.
  • Incentive scholarships

Incentive scholarships are given to students by the university, government or companies. Students are required to return this scholarship after completing their studies under the specified conditions.


The documents required to obtain a scholarship are almost the same in all countries, and here we will explain how to obtain a scholarship. The student must present to the university all the documents that distinguish him scientifically from other students, such as participation in Olympiads, academic degrees with excellent grades scientific research, etc. The documents required to obtain a scholarship are:

  1. Completed form for scholarship application
  2. Copies of all previous educational certificates along with their transcripts along with the official and valid seal of the previous educational institutions
  3. One’s academic resume
  4. Proof of language certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL
  5. A letter of recommendation from previous professors in which the person’s skills, desire, motivation and intellectual capacity are explained.
  6. The scores of important scientific tests such as SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA, which have a great impact on obtaining scholarships.
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Note that the more these documents are and with better grades, the higher the possibility of obtaining a scholarship for the applicant student


The bachelor’s degree lasts for 4 years. At this stage, the person must have a diploma and provide a language certificate with a high score. If a person has a letter of recommendation and a letter of motivation, it increases his chances of getting a scholarship. The point that you should pay attention to is that most of the scholarships are offered for doctoral and master’s degrees, and the probability of receiving a scholarship in a bachelor’s degree is much lower than receiving a scholarship for other educational levels. We will explain the documents required for obtaining a scholarship at the undergraduate level.

  1. IELTS language score of at least 6.5 or the official language of the country in question
  2. motivation letter, which is a letter in which the student expresses his goals and intention to study in this field and university.
  3. Applicant’s curriculum vitae
  4. Diploma with transcripts
Scholarship typeCountry
Raymond Pertler ScholarshipAustria
Mailcheck ScholarshipDenmark
University of west London International Ambassador Scholarship with a travel allowance of £5,000England
Mailchek1500usd scholarship with stipend of $1500Germany
Arcada Scientific and Applied University scholarship including 50% of the allowanceFinland
EEA/Norway Grants ScholarshipNorway
Malmö University scholarship includes scholarshipsSweden
DTIPNIUM HUNGARICUM SCHOLARSHIP with a stipend of $150Hungary

In the following, we will explain more information about scholarships for undergraduate students. For example, in Germany, there is a scholarship called Trendhim Talent, the amount of which is 2,300 dollars, and it is suitable for undergraduate students in the fields of fashion, marketing, sales and technology. 

In order to receive this type of scholarship, students must only register in the relevant field. Another type of scholarship suitable for undergraduate students in Sweden is the Lund University Scholarship Program, which covers between 25 and 100 per cent of tuition fees for students who come from outside the European Union and Switzerland. 

Scholarship applicants should refer to the website of the relevant university to receive their desired information regarding how to obtain a scholarship at the undergraduate level.


Countless top-ranked universities around the world offer graduate scholarships to students with excellent resumes. The scholarship helps students to study easily and at lower costs and not worry about their education and living expenses. A master’s or master’s degree usually lasts for about 2 years, and students can use scholarship privileges during this period. 

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Master’s degree students must complete scientific research at the end of their studies to receive their degree and graduate. This scientific research is of great help to the students so that by doing it correctly, they will be noticed by the university and scientific centres looking for experts and also secure their future work. We have explained the documents required to obtain a scholarship at the postgraduate level below:

  • Applicant’s academic record
  • The applicant’s diploma and bachelor’s degree along with their transcripts
  • Student motivation letter form
  • IELTS language score of at least 7 or the official language of that country
Scholarship typeCountry
Ernst Mach scholarshipAustria
Roskilde scholarship with a grant of 7800 kronerDenmark
ISH-London Met Scholarship includes tuition and living expensesEngland
Mailchek1500usd scholarship with stipend of $1500Germany
INFORMATION ON THE CIMO.FISITE for the Finnish language courseFinland
The Norwegian State Education Loan Fund full scholarship (full scholarship)Norway
Visby scholarship with a grant of 500 kronerSweden
DTIPNIUM HUNGARICUM SCHOLARSHIP with a stipend of $150Hungary

Applicants should refer to the website of their desired university to receive information about how to obtain a scholarship in the master’s degree. Among the types of scholarships suitable for master’s degree students, the following scholarships can be mentioned:


The way of obtaining scholarships in the doctoral degree is somewhat similar to other degrees, i.e. bachelor’s and master’s degrees, but they also have significant differences. 

In the doctoral degree, the supervisor or supervisor helps the applicant to be successful in the stages of admission to the university, the stages of study and also the stages of completing the project. As we have already mentioned, most of the scholarships are considered for the doctoral degree. this includes how to study in germany

Due to the fact that studying at the doctoral level requires doing practical activities and gaining experience, it is considered as a job. Therefore, students at the doctoral level receive salaries for their activities, but this amount of salary is not enough to raise their quality of life and pay living expenses.

for this reason, universities and educational centres provide students at this level with educational grants or live to increase the quality of their project or life. Among the documents required to obtain a scholarship at this stage, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Academic resume form
  2. Academic certificates of previous courses along with their transcripts
  3. Confirmation form from the supervisor or tutor
Scholarship typeCountry
Franz Werlf ScholarshipAustria
Quantum Photonics ScholarshipDenmark
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipEngland
The DAAD scholarship includes the cost of living and studying in the amount of 1300 euros per monthGermany
EDUFL scholarship with a stipend of €1,500Finland
Erasmus+ scheme includes living and education expensesNorway
TRENDHIM scholarship with a grant of 2000 eurosSweden
DTIPNIUM HUNGARICUM SCHOLARSHIP with a stipend of $450Hungary


✔️ What is the minimum grade point average to get a scholarship?

The GPA is different for different scholarships and different levels and different universities, and it is not possible to give a definite answer.

✔️ How to get scholarship?

To receive the fund, you must meet the conditions for using the fund. The general conditions for receiving the fund are age, grade point average, and a strong academic resume.

✔️ What should be done in the first step to get a scholarship?

In the first step, to check your conditions for free, fill out the scholarship evaluation form on the university website, in the special services section.

✔️ Are the scholarship conditions easier for elite students?

Yes, a high-grade point average and a strong academic resume help a lot in getting a scholarship.

✔️ What is a scholarship?

The scholarship is an educational grant that is awarded to students with high average or students who are proven to have no good financial ability. The scholarship can cover the entire cost of education and living or a part of the costs