The Skoll Scholarship offers support to contractors who develop or work on socially responsible entrepreneurial projects or have pursued a career of influence and are interested in enhancing their understanding of market-oriented actions in order to make their pursuit of social change more successful at a later level.

International Students are registered for the Skoll Scholarship – Oxford University UK 2021. The scholarship allows students to study Master’s in Business Administration, MBA program(s) taught at Oxford University. The scholarship application’s deadline is October 15 2023.

The Skoll Scholarship is nothing but a competitive award for MBA students who are joining Saïd Business School at Oxford University. It is also for those who are searching for entrepreneurial solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges. The bursary pays the overall course costs and partial living expenses of at least £14,985 for the MBA Programme.

Program Available

Under this scholarship program, the only subject available to study is Business Administration.

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Degree Level

A Master’s degree program at MBA level from the University of Oxford will be open for interested individuals to study at the University of Oxford.

Benefits of Skoll Scholarships

Based on requirements, the scholarships cover the entire costs of tutorship and college tuition for the MBA program up to a further £14,985.

Criteria for Qualifying

Below are the eligibility criteria for the scholarship at Oxford University:

#1. Create an effect focusing on improvements in systems

  • You can see your entrepreneurship performance and effects
  • Your effect covers unequal working systems and practices

#2. Entrepreneurship

  • You have established and taken steps to have a positive social impact.
  • You preferably have spent at least three years driving progress by business methods.
  • A social enterprise began or established
  • OR developed and led the creation of an initiative for social impact within an organization
  • Or discuss a particular social/environmental problem through a central theme that brings the work together
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#3. The Oxford MBA is important for your career

You will show why business education is important for improving your work/impact at this point.

#4. A social entrepreneur’s personal characteristics

  • You are to maintain a positive change
  • You’re unobtrusive and persistent, ready to struggle and start over
  • You are biased in motion
  • You prefer to discover opportunities and resources in your environment
  • You are able to take personal and financial risks often
  • You create networks and use participants to accomplish shared objectives.
  • You’ve mastered the problem, or you have had the challenge to solve.

#5. Financial imperative

  • You should display the need for the scholarship (for example, due to previous work experiences or personal circumstances)
  • You are in a position to have a considerable financial expense of the program.

How To Apply for the Skoll Scholarships

Follow the following measures to apply for the Skoll bursary  

  • Show your interest in this scholarship by registering through here interest in the bursary and ensure that announcements about the future deadlines are up to date.
  • Apply straight to the Saïd Business School for the Oxford MBA program. You will have to do so in stages 1, 2 or 3 of the 2023-2024 academic year MBA admission process. Details of the MBA admission fee waiver application are given below.
  • As part of your MBA submission, upload your answers to the essay questions for the Skoll Scholarship and submit your MBA order! Under the “Funding” portion of the MBA application you will find the scholarly essay questions. We suggest you take approximately 1 weeks to answer the questions of the Skoll Scholarship essay.
  • In order to ensure that you meet the academic standards sought by the Saïd Business School and decide if your application for an MBA is approved or not the MBA Admission Staff will review your application.
  • If the MBA program is confirmed to you, please keep an email as the Skoll Center sends you a connection to the second section of the application, which is a logistic and referral form.
  • Fill in the form for logistics and referrals. This contains a variety of short questions about yourself, how you learned of the Bursary, your sources, etc. Please note that you won’t contact your referees until you are in the final stages of the pick.
  • The Skoll Center will then take into account your candidacy and inform you accordingly.
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