The Saudi Electronic University announces the commencement of admission to bachelor’s degree programs for the 1444 AH (second semester) academic year.

The university starts receiving requests for admission from interested individuals who wish to study in there.

The applications are now receiving electronically through the admission portal of the Saudi Electronic University.

This Bachelor’s degree program is only available in some programs. Any undergraduate applicants can apply to any of the programs which will be listed in the next paragraph.

Available Majors/Programs

The Saudi Electronic University is opened to receive applicants’ requests through its portal and expected all the candidates to apply to one of the below majors.

  • College of Accounting
  • Digital Media department
  • Department of Financial.
  • College of E-commerce
  • Law college
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The above five majors and colleges are opened to applicants. You can select any of them from the list. This means you can’t select all the majors at the same time.

Places of Study for Saudi Electronic University Applicants

Below are the places of study in which the successful applicants to the Saudi Electronic University would be receiving lectures. You will be automatically posted to any of them, there is no option to make a choice by the applicants. The decision would be made by the university.

  • Abha
  • Dammam
  • Jeddah
  • Qassim, and;
  • Riyadh

To know more about the admission, such as eligibility criteria, required documents to upload for Saudi Electronic University scholarship, admission deadline, and how to apply; kindly go to the next page of this post.

Admission Requirements/Eligibility

Below is the list of the criteria eligibility for any interested applicants. Ensure you check all the admission requirements before rushing to the registration page.

  • The candidate must obtain a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • The age of certificate of the applicants is not required to be a specific year to their graduation from high school or its equivalent.
  • The differentiation betwixt applicants in university arms depends on the high school percentage or its equivalent of the applicants.
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Required Documents

The applications which would be checked and processed should include these:

  • Original high school certificate of the applicants or their equivalent.
  • Submission of a high school transcript.
  • Original certificate equivalency provided by the Ministry of Education. This is for those who obtained their high school qualification from outside the Saudi Kingdom.
  • A copy of the mother’s national identity for non-Saudi applicants with a Saudi mother.
  • A copy of the candidates’ national ID card or a valid residency for non-Saudi applicants.
  • A copy of the national ID card for non-Saudi women who married to Saudi men.
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Registration Deadline and Link to Apply

The registration at Saudi Electronic University starts on 08/06/2023 corresponding to AD. The application deadline will be – 5/08/2023 AH.

How to Apply

Do you want to apply for the Saudi Electronic University undergraduate program? You can apply through this link. Click the link and proceed to the official web page of the university. Fill the form accordingly without any mistake which might render your application invalid.

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