University of Oxford, UK, Clarendon Fund Scholarships is open to students from around the world. This scholarship is open to Postgraduate degree students at UK Universities the field of all subjects.

The Scholarships of Clarendon Fund allow students to study at Oxford University in all fields as graduates (master’s or doctoral degree).

Clarendon Fund, the flagship scholarship of the University of OxforD, is open to both full and part-time student diplomas at the University of Oxford and is funded by Oxford University Press (OUP).

Centered on academic achievement and potential in all graduate fields at the University of Oxford, Clarendon funds are awarded to graduates all over the world.

The prestigious Clarendon scholarship funding that up to date has only been available for foreign candidates with a fee from abroad would be valid for all applicants for admission into Oxford University.

Details About Clarendon Fund Scholarships 2023

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Host: Oxford University
  • Fund type: Fully-Funded
  • Degree Level: Masters, Ph.D.
  • Deadline: 22 June 2023 (22/12/2023)
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Degree Level(s)

Below are the degree levels available at Clarendon Fund Scholarships, University of Oxford, UK. You can apply if you want to apply for:

  • Master’s degree programs
  • Ph.D. programs

A Clarendon fund Scholarship funds all degree-bearing subjects/study courses. This includes both Master and all DPhil programs in full-time and part-time.

Duration of Sponsorship

You are liable to pay a university tuition fee, usually the same as the duration of your course, for the full term. The award is offered. It should be noted that the courses are renewed annually based on successful academic progress.

Programs/Subjects Available

Under this Clarendon Fund Scholarships, the following subjects are available for students to study:

  • All courses

The Oxford University flagship scholarship fund – Clarendon is available for full-time and partial graduates at the University of Oxford and funded by Oxford University Press (OUP).

Nationalities Eligible for the Scholarship

Which continent or region are you from? Australia, America, Europe, or Africa? Anywhere you come from, you are eligible for the Clarendon Fund Scholarships at Oxford University. The students are eligible to apply from all nationalities.

Benefits of the Academic Program

  • All Clarendon Fund Scholarship Programs cover complete and wide annual grants for living expenses to cover the subsistence costs of a single student living in Oxford, typically sufficient.
  • A generous annual living expense grant – at least £15,009 for 2023-2024– is given to students who enroll in a full-time course. Part-time students receive a research support award to support non-fee expenses.
  • Part-time students receive a grant to cover non-fee expenses for the research.
  • Part-time scholars of DPhil are expected to earn at least £2,502 in 2023-2024, and part-time students of DPhil are expected to receive at least £5,003.
  • Stipends are usually awarded for the entire time for which the institution has the obligation to pay tuition fees, which are normally the same as the duration of your degree.
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Criteria to Qualify for the Scholarship

Below are the eligibility criteria which will be considered for the Clarendon Fund Scholarships’ applicants:

  • Clarendon fund scholarships are awarded to students from around the globe, irrespective of their nationality, based on excellent academic merit and potential. Scholars from all continents in the world come from Clarendon: Africa, North America, Australia, South America, Asia, Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Bursaries are held in all fields and are available to applicants who are applying for a new Master’s or DPhil course, including students who are preparing for a Master’s degree in Oxford but who are reapplying for a DPhil.
  • All requests must be accepted by the date of January.
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Criteria of Selection

The requirements for selection differ slightly according to the field and whether the applicants are seeking a teaching or a degree in research which include:

  • It is important to have an outstanding academic record: a high-grade honorary diploma or an equivalent (a GPA score of 3.7 for a mark of more than 4) or an academic record at a Masters’s degree (noted that an excellent Master’s degree will offset moderate performance) is required.
  • Other high-level measures can include the individual markings of transcripts for students; proof of previous university honors or awards; details about your overall place in your cohort; and publications (if applicable).
  • Aptitude for the planned study course: this can be measured by an evaluation of academic references, the thesis application, proof of research ability and the probability of the student making a major contribution to their field of study.
  • The motivation of the applicant: this is measured by proof of the candidate’s dedication, evaluated by the personalized declaration and reports of the applicant.

How To Apply for the Clarendon Scholarship

When you apply for a degree at Oxford University, you are automatically qualified for a Clarendon scholarship. Applications may be for the Master’s or DPhil courses in full or part-time. You do not need to request unique additional Clarendon bursary papers, and a separate bursary application form does not exist.
You must apply to be eligible for the scholarship by the December application date.

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