Qatar University announces its Online Orientation Program as welcoming its new students to the university. The New Student Orientation Online Program is a step from the end of your admission to Qatar University. You should register for your courses by the end of the program.

What is the online orientation program?

The online orientation program consists of a series of educational videos, and lectures specially tailored for you. As a new student of Qatar University, it provides you with the most relevant knowledge.

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The module includes data that emphasize key policies and educational needs at the University of Qatar; student life, relevant contact networks, and a virtual tour around the University of Qatar.

You will sign up for your courses and be introduced to QU while you are on your computer via the online orientation program.

If the orientation program is not completed, your registration will be canceled for that semester and your submission for next semester will be re-submitted.

Characteristics of and what is the online orientation program consist of?

  • When required, you can log in and out, and the system starts from where you went after completing each portion of your video.
  • The online instruction software outlines some policies and highlights that you earn at the University of Qatar. Three fields of video:
  1. Student Life
  2. Academic Life
  3. Tour the campus
  • The curriculum consists of sections with a short quiz that are required to register for courses with a cumulative average of 70%.
  • If the questionnaire of that section does not pass, you cannot switch to the next section of the program. Do not worry, however, if you don’t pass the test, you can repeat it.
  • For registration and password, you will obtain your personal QU ID.
  • Registration for four courses is recommended (equivalent to 12 credit hours).
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When is the online guidance program going to take place?+6

If you have technical problems or did not receive an e-mail invitation message in your personal e-mail address, please contact the university by email: or Student Call Center at 44034444.

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