The King Saud University Scholarship for 2023 academic session is announced to commence by the Deanship of Admission and Registration of the university.

The scholarship opportunity is available to outstanding academics, students, and professionals for undertaking studies in an undergraduate program at the King Saud University external scholarships.

The scholarship offers to both Saudi and non-Saudi indigenous for the unique opportunity to pursue their academic and research goals and to network widely with international researchers.

King Saud University Ranking

A massive investment and development program to establish a truly world-class research university has been launched recently by King Saud University. The Riyadh Information Corridor, the Nobel Prize winners program, and the setting up of many research excellence centers are among the many initiatives to achieve that goal. King Saud University Scholarships are not for internal students only, but it’s also available for international students

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There are no university student fees and generous university bourses are available for Saudi and foreign postgraduate students. Recent appointments include Louis Ignarro, Nobel Prize winner of 1996 for medicine. International requirements refer to science and library services.

The University offers postdoctoral courses in civil, electrical, mechanical, energy, chemical, commercial, psychological, financial, accounting, law, political science, archeology, European and Asian, education, social sciences, Islamic research, and history, and has special strengths in civil and electrical engineering.

According to the QS World Ranking, King Saud University ranks #287 in the whole world, and #6 in Arab Regions with Total students of 40,184, and an Academic Faculty Staff of 4,681. Below are the ranking criteria for the university:

  • Overall score: 34.8
  • Academic Reputation: 31
  • Employer Reputation: 11.7
  • Faculty Students: 59.4
  • Citations Per Faculty: 19.3
  • International Faculty: 91.8
  • International Students: 14.2

Scholarship Benefits

King Saud University scholarships for international students includes the following benefits for the applicants:

  •  Health care for the applicant and his family members in the event that they are brought in to reside with him is similar to that provided to citizens.
  • Exemption from tuition fees for international students
  • Spending a three-month bonus for shipping books
  • He/she will be paid a two-month bonus for processing supplies upon their arrivals.
  • The educational institution should provide discounted meals for external students.
  • Free airline ticket in case of acceptance of the scholarship and also a free airline ticket at the end of each academic year according to the specified guidelines.
  • Provision of the adequate housing, scientific, social, cultural, and training care.
  • Male and female students are allocated according to the terms of privatization, and they are allocated to the disciplines that follow the path competitively.
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Eligibility Criteria for King Saud University Scholarship Application

Below are the eligibility criteria for the King Saud University Scholarship for international students:

  • The applicant’s age should not be less than (17) years and not more than (25) years.
  • Not obtaining another scholarship from an educational institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Authentication of certificates and identity papers from the official authorities in the applicant’s country and the approval of the Saudi Cultural Attaché.
  • That he be with the applicant is forbidden according to the instructions regulating this, provided that he is covered by a grant, has a regular residence, or is on the register of an employer in need of his services.
  • To pass the medical examination approved in the Kingdom.
  • The applicant must be an international student
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How To Apply for the Scholarship

King Saud University scholarship application for undergraduate applicants is currently closed. Though, the online registration for the interested international students was available within 31/08/2023.

Stay updated on our website and our Facebook page Ara Countries Scholarship to get notifications when it open back.

How To Check Your Admission Status

The university announced recently – the nominated students for the next academic session. If you previously applied for the KSU scholarship, you can check your admission status now via the below link.

Apply Now

We wish you success through acceptance for the King Saud University Scholarship.

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