Do you know that the Islamic University of Madinah Placement Test is announced to commence to determine the level of Arabic Language Proficiency for the new external students whose status read: “مبارك, تم قبولك” or “مرشح مبدئيا”. The procedure for the exam will be explained. Just read further to know all that you need.

Madinah University is one of the top Public universities available for male Muslim students in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. It is ranked #801-1000 with ranking criteria 97% and 100% based on International Faculty and International Students respectively in the just concluded QS World University Ranking 2021 and ranked #51-60 in Arab Region Ranking with 38.9% employer reputation, 21.2% faculty-student, 67.4% International faculty, 93% faculty staff with Ph.D., 100% international student, and 57.9 web impact.

The Islamic University of Madinah Placement Test starts on Saturday – 05 JULY 2020. Please this information is strictly for those who have this as their application status: “مبارك, تم قبولك” or “مرشح مبدئيا”. Any other applicants irrespective of what their status says are ineligible for the test.

The objective of the test is to know the linguistic level of the newly admitted student and the extent of his need to study the Arabic Language at Madinah University.

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Details About the Islamic University of Madinah Placement Test

  • University: Islamic University of Madinah
  • Host:
  • Test duration: 85 minutes
  • Dates: (5th of July 2023),To (12th july 2020)
  • Time: 07:00 PM, 09:00 PM, and 11:00 AM (K.S.A Time) respectively
  • Targeted Students: Applicants from Non-Arab Countries

Targeted Students, Categories, and Dates Scheduled

Below are the targeted students for the Islamic University of Madinah Placement Test. It is not for all the applicants from every region.

It is for the applicants from Non-Arab nations whose application status reads: “Congratulation! You have been admitted into the University”).

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The targeted students categories are applicants from:

  • Asia countries except for the applicants from the Republics of Central Asia. Date: 05 July 2023, the scheduled time is: 07:00 PM (K.S.A Time).
  • Africa countries Date: 05 July 2023, the scheduled time is: 09:00 PM (K.S.A Time).
  • Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and Republics of Central Asia. Date:12 July 2023, the scheduled time is: 07:00 PM (K.S.A Time).
  • All Regions – this is just added as an opportunity for those who failed to attend the test in the past scheduled times. The new date for the Islamic University of Madinah placement test is: (10/august/2023)
  • Any students from the above regions are eligible for the Islamic University of Madinah Placement Test, while others are not.
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Guidelines to the Exam

Follow the below guidelines to know more about the Islamic University of Madinah Placement Test:

  • The examination time is online for (85 minutes) and starts according to the exact dates and categories indicated in the above schedule. The student needs a good internet connection, a calm and suitable exercise spot.
  • Anyone who has done the test previously does not have to take part.
  • The exam is specifically intended for those not finally admitted into the categories indicated in the timetable, but for those not necessary to participate in the test for the individuals who have received final entry, academic number, and have begun to receive lectures beforehand.
  • The test shall be completed once and cannot be stopped or repeated again until it is commenced.
  • In the event that such an action occurs, no one can impersonate him in the exam, as specified in the table, and a person who participates in the exam must be the same student who has been admitted to the test.
  • The Arabic Language Placement Test is designed to help you define your competence in the Arabic Language and to decide if you need to first learn Arabic in the Islamic University, or whether you have to study directly at the bachelor’s level.
  • To take part in the test, enter the student’s (username) script number and also the student’s (password) script.
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Hopefully, you have checked the IU placement test for Arabic Language proficiency level guidelines? Otherwise, check it very well.

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Procedure for the Placement Test

To attend the Islamic University of Madinah Placement Test organized by the Islamic University of Madinah via Blackboard Application. Then write your application number as username and password.

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