Do you want to learn how to apply for the Majmaah University Scholarship which is located in Industrial Area, Al Majma’ah 15341, Saudi Arabia? You are in the right place as this tutorial will be helpful for whoever wants to apply to the university for the scholarship but does not know how to go about it. We get you covered with this tutorial which also has a full explanatory message through our youtube channel.

Majmaah University offers both external and internal scholarships to non-Saudis who have an interest in studying at the Majmaah in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. It is one of the universities that offer scholarships to students who want to study in Arab countries from outside the country or citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The first step is to visit the admission application website through the below link: You are welcome to the admission page. Here, you will select the link appropriate for your gender (طلاب – for male, and طالبات for female).

In this university, you have a choice to apply for the scholarship in either of two ways; an internal grant (for foreign students who reside in the Saudi Kingdom) or an external grant (for foreign students who reside outside the Saudi Kingdom). Let’s move to the main discussion.

How To Apply for the Majmaah University Scholarship

Before we dive in, kindly check the scholarship eligibility and requirements through this link. Now proceed to the steps one after the other without jumping a step.

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Step 1: Go to the scholarship homepage

Now scroll down a bit and select ‘New application – طلب جديد’. There you will see a welcome message and what you are expected to do at the university.

Step 2: Select the type of scholarship and fill in the required details

The second step of how to apply for the Majmaah University scholarship is to select the kind of admission you want to apply for (internal or external), also fill in the civil number (if you are applying for the internal grant, but if you are applying as a foreign student who lives outside the country (external student), you’ll fill in your passport number, also select the kind of field you want to study in.

Initially, when the form was out, the university allowed two programs; part-time learning, and full-time study. However, the program has been changed to full-time for whoever wants to apply at the moment.

Once you have completed all the details above, now proceed to the next step, but before that, make sure you mark a small box at the bottom to confirm your application. Now click on “أوافق” to continue.

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Step 3: Fill in other required info

In this step, you are to fill in other details about yourself in addition to the provided information. This includes the expiration date for your passport (ID), email address, a question, and the answer to it. Lastly, you are to generate or write your password which should be numbers only (minimum of 6 digits – example: 654321), and then retype it for confirmation.

In part two of the step involving how to apply for the Majmaah University scholarship is that you are to provide more details about yourself (personal details), such as name (in Arabic and English languages), nationality, phone numbers, marital status, and health status.

Part 3 and 4 of step 3 in how to apply for the Majmaah University scholarship is all about the birth details, country, city, and address of the applicants in full with postal code (if available). Also, the other part included in this step is your qualification details with dates.

Another info you need to supply details for in this step is to add languages you understand and the level of your understanding. You can achieve this by clicking on “إضافة”.

You can add all the languages you understand. Lastly, write the details of your next of kin accordingly. Then proceed to the next step by clicking on ‘confirm’ or “تأكيد”. Click here to go to page 4 where you will watch the video tutorial.

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Step 4: Uploading and Submission of your Application

The last step in how to apply for the Majmaah University scholarship is to upload all the required documents and submit your applications.

Note that the documents marked with ‘yes’ are compulsory to be uploaded while those with ‘no’ are optional, but it’s advisable to upload them if they are available.

Also, you can watch the below video for a complete tutorial on how to apply for the Majmaah University scholarship by clicking on this link: Please watch and subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

After uploading all the documents, make sure you submit your application, without submission, your application won’t be processed. If you upload your documents successfully, endeavor to teach others how to apply for the Majmaah University scholarship easily.

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