Japanese Government (MEXT) Master’s degree in one of the scholarships, grants, and bursaries programs opened to international students in the Asia continent.

  • Type of Degree: Japanese Government (MEXT) Master’s degree
  • Registration Deadline: mid-October before the AY (annual)
  • Studies Location: Japan
  • Course Commencement: the course starts in October 2023.

A brief description of the Japanese Government (MEXT) Master’s Degree Program

Full grants and awards are opened to exceptionally eligible candidates who have been previously accepted to study at GRIPS. International students who apply for the Young Leaders program at GRIPS are also eligible to apply for Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT).

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and only a limited number of grants are available for the fastest applicants. Whoever wants to apply for the scholarship must be a foreign student of a country recommended by the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General, university, or authority.

  • Host institution(s): National Institute for Graduate Studies in Politics (GRIPS)
  • Field(s) or level of study: Master of Public Policy or Master of Public Administration
  • The number of available grants: Unspecified
  • Group expected to apply: International students from countries with which Japan has diplomatic relations.
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Value/inclusions of The Scholarship

The scholarship provides for a monthly allowance worth 242,000 yen every month (rate for the fiscal year 2019; the amount is subject to change) to cover some expenses such as clothing, food, living, and other daily expenses. It also covers accommodation, insurance, medical care, transport, and various other expenses in relation to the study at GRIPS. This allowance cannot be increased as it is fixed and to cover family members. The grant also covers university application fees, admission fees, as well as tuition fees.

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Scholarship holders will receive an economy class air ticket from their countries of living to Japan upon enrollment in GRIPS and an economy class air ticket from Japan to their home country at the end of their studies at the GRIPS.


Applicants to the scholarship must be under the age of 35 as of April 1, 2023, and be nationals of countries that Japan has diplomatic relations with. They must also be foreign students who do not live in Japan country. The Young Leaders program is available for qualified promising young public servants with considerable work experience in the field of public administration.

They must meet with a minimum requirement of 3 years of professional experience in the mentioned field in the candidate’s country of origin. Applicants will be admitted base on their potential to become leaders in the nearest future in the country, to play an important role in the development of their countries, as well as to maintain the lasting friendship and trust of Japan and other countries of the world.

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Application instructions

All procedures for applying for Japanese government scholarships (MEXT) are carried out through consulates of your countries, Japanese embassies, or recommending authorities of eligible countries. You can check the official website link in the last paragraph for more details on the recommending authorities in your country. The application deadline is usually around mid-October, however, every applicant should check with their Japanese embassies to know the date of submission.

It is very important to check the official website of the scholarship for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarships

Official Website

To know how to apply for the scholarship and other required information, you can click here. Do you have any issues with your application? Don’t hesitate to visit our contact us page by clicking here. All the best!

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