The Admission and Registration Deanship at the Imam University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia declares the start of application for the external scholarship program (undergraduate) opened to non-Saudi citizens for the first term of the succeeding academic year 1444 AH.

The scholarship application is now available to admit learners in a number of disciplines, and it is opened as of now to non-Saudi homeowners who live in the foreign nations at the moment.

The electronic portal of the University of Imam, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is now available as of 18/12/1444 AH and ready to receives external scholarship applications from non-Saudi citizens from foreign countries.

We wish to inform you that the university will continue to accept applications till the first month of the next year (05/01/1445 AH). Make sure you apply for the scholarship within the periods.

What is the Deadline for the University of Imam External Scholarship Application for Undergraduates?

The majority of candidates tends to ask questions concerning the deadline for this scholarship application due to some reasons behind it. The numbers of them who ask such questions are pupils who are not get prepared very well or let us say those who are still accumulating their credentials.

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Possibly, this is a golden opportunity for such candidates as the portal just opened three days ago and will surely last for a month or more than that before it could be closed until further notice. We cannot say there is no specific date for the registration deadline.

Notwithstanding, you are advised to make sure you quickly enroll and submit your undergraduate application on time. Hence, tomorrow might be the deadline for the scholarship. Register now while the portal is available and accepts applications from students, before it is too late for you.

Notes: be aware that the application registration into this program is available only to non-Saudi residents who reside outside the territories of Saudi Arabia kingdom.

If you meet up with these magnificent terms and conditions as well as other terms and conditions of the university, you are definitely qualified to submit your application to study at the University of Imam undergraduate program with a fully-funded opportunity.

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Terms and Conditions Required to Apply for Imam University External Scholarship (Undergraduate)

Read further in the below paragraphs to see the terms and conditions required to register and fully participate in the external scholarship program for the undergraduate at the University of Imam.

To know whether you are fully qualified to register for this scholarship, you are to meet with certain terms and conditions of the university.

  • The candidate necessity to be of good conduct.
  • To vouch to abide by the university’s rules including its regulations.
  • To be medically fit and okay.
  • He must not fail any test or personal interview conducted by the appropriate authority of the University of Imam.
  • The candidate is required to have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • The high school certificate to be presented by the candidate must be issued by a government school or an equivalent school at the university.
  • He must commit to full-time learning.
  • The student(s) must ensure that more than five years have not passed on his high school diploma credentials he obtained at the time of application.
  • The candidate must be twenty-five years old or less than that at the studies commencement time.
  • To accomplish any other terms or conditions circumscribed by the University Council and declared at the time of application.
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How to Apply for the University of Imam External Undergraduate Scholarship?

Do you have an interest in the undergraduate/bachelor’s degree program at the University of Imam? Hope you are not a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Did you meet up with the preceding terms and conditions of the undergraduate scholarship program? If yes is the response to all the foregoing questions, you are unquestionably eligible to enroll and submit your scholarship application.

To register for the University of Imam external scholarship for undergraduate studies, you can click on this link. If you have any issues regarding the registration, politely contact us using our contact us link placed at the bottom of this website or using our comment box.

Note that, soonest we are going to publish a post on a detailed explanation of how to apply for the Imam University external scholarship for undergraduate students. We are working on it, you can come back later to check.

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