Majmaah University opens for external scholarships to non-Saudis who have an interest in studying at the Majmaah in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

It is one of the universities which offer scholarships for students who want to study in Arab countries from outside the country or citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Majmaah University offers various scholarships which can be classified into two types. They are:

  • Internal grants (for any interested students who are non-Saudi students but resides in the Kingdom of Saudi with a legitimate residency), and
  • External scholarships (for interested candidates who are also non-Saudi citizens but reside outside the Saudi Kingdom).

The learnings at Majmaah University under the scholarship sponsorship are partially free or paid in accordance with the dictates controlled by the institution council, and in a style that seems not to collide with the ordinances administering this.

External Scholarships Requirements for Majmaah University Admission

Admittance provisions that affect Saudis at the institution are also applicable to the external grants learners. The requirements which will be considered as the eligibility conditions are the following:

  • The student who wants to apply should not be less than 17 years old, on the other hand, his age must not more than 25 years old.
  • That learner should not have got a different scholarship from any educative school in the Kingdom of Saudi.
  • He must have the certificates and identity papers that have been attested by the embassy including cultural attachés in the student’s homeland.
  • The candidate should on no account been dropped out from any educational institution in the Kingdom.
  • That he passed the medical examination determined by the university.
  • Majmaah University may expect a student’s reference from an individual of the bodies, institutions, or personalities designated by the institution.
  • The scholarship for the external applicants must accept to leave the Kingdom after his studies come to an end in the university, within a duration not surpassing three months (unfailingly) from the date of its fulfillment. If the first program period ends, it may not be lengthened by more than half of it.
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How To Apply for the Majmaah University External Scholarship and its Deadline

You are eligible to register for the external scholarships on the internet through the educational system portal of the university. You can click this link to register. Do you not know how to register, just read further to watch the video on how to apply for the scholarship here.

It provides that it is only available throughout the application period particularized for applicants, and the admittance procedures are concluded by the university.

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The deadline for the application in which students can apply for the external grant at Majmaah University is within 03/06/1444 A.H which equivalents to 20/04/2023 A.D.

The registration won’t be possible as of 17/12/1444 A.H which equivalents to 04/10/20203 A.D. Try to apply now before its too late, do not forget to inform other students, and also ensure you share this post.

The following video tutorial will surely guide you. Kindly watch and subscribe to our video channel on Youtube.

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