Imam Malik International Academy of Sciences in Istanbul announces that registration for the academic year (2023/2024 AD) is open to students who wish to continue their studies at the university level in some majors available in the university.

This academic study is usually open education portal to accept students from the world irrespective of country or culture. You can also apply if you wish to study at the University of Imam Malik International Academy of Sciences in Istanbul.

Available Programs and Majors at the Academy of Imam Malik International

The academy has some majors which students can enroll in. However, all the majors are not available in the ongoing admission registration except for just two majors which are listed below:

  • Islamic studies
  • Islamic economy

If you can not choose either from the Islamic studies major or Islamic Economy, definitely, you can wait for another opportunity from the school which you will be updated as soon the admission into it opened again for international students.

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Benefits of Imam Malik International Academy Scholarship

The Imam Malik International Academy of Sciences is distinguished with:

  • its proficient teaching staff.
  • the academy receives annually a number of students of different nationalities.
  • 100% Arabic study in the school
  • A globally recognized certificate will be awarded to the qualified students

Admission Requirements

Do you have an interest in studying in the Imam Malik International Academy of Sciences? Do you want to enroll yourself for the scholarship to study there? This is a golden opportunity for you if and only if you are eligible for the scholarship.

For ou to be eligible, you are to meet up with the admission requirements of the academy, as well as terms and conditions guiding the scholarship. If you are not meet up with any of the two, definitely, you are not eligible to apply. Do not apply to avoid automatic rejection.

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To know whether you are eligible or ineligibility, you are required to check the admission requirements below:

  • For the applicant to be eligible, he or she must have a high school diploma or any religious institute or recognized institution with a grade of no less than good.
  • The high school certificate to be submitted by the applicant(s) must be certified by the Ministry of Education in the student’s country.
  • The candidate must be of good conduct and behavior.
  • He or she must submit two recommendation letters each from well-known professors at the Academy.
  • The applicants must also have a valid residence permit, or to be able to extract it.
  • Certificate of freedom from infectious diseases and other impairments that hinder the student from studying must be submitted by the applicant.
  • A birth certificate issued by the student’s city or municipality must be also provided to be eligible.
  • The age of the student who wants to apply must not be older than (25) years, otherwise, he or she won’t be accepted.
  • Six passport photographs of size (4/6 cm) portraits must be used for identification.
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Application Deadline and How To Apply

Anybody that wants to apply must do so before the deadline. The application is now opened for registration and will be closed in a month. The deadline for the registration is 20/05/2023 AD.


To submit your application, you are required to apply through the academy portal with your credentials which must have the below qualities:

  • The files must be of high-quality scanned documents.
  • The file is to be sent in (PDF) format which must contain all the required credentials.

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How To Apply for Imam Malik International Academy

Are you eligible for the scholarship? If you are not sure, kindly recheck all the above-mentioned admission eligibility or requirements. If you see yourself as an eligible candidate, kindly click here to register by filling out this form on the academy website.

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